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Emergency Preparedness First Aid Backpack, 63 Pieces-kit

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Spacious orange backpack has glow-in-the-dark tag that makes it easy to find. Contains essential supplies you need in an emergency based on FEMA and American Red Cross guidelines. Includes water, food, whistle, light stick, flashlight with batteries, rain poncho, emergency blanket, hand warmers, first aid kit, mask, cotton gloves and two hand sanitizer packets. Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements. System Capacity: 1 Person System; Contains: Bags; Bandages; Burn Cream; Cable, Lock, 2 Keys; Cold Pack; Dust Mask; Emergency Blanket; First Aid Guide; Flashlight And Batteries; Food Bars; Gauze Pads; Gloves; Tape; Tissue; Water Packs; Case Material: Nylon; Width: 12 1/2".
Package Includes: One backpack with glow-in-the-dark tag, emergency water packs, food bars, flashlight with batteries, emergency blanket, light sticks, whistle, rain poncho, hand warmers, gloves, dust mask, plastic bags, hand sanitizer packets and personal first aid kit (kit contains: first aid handbook, alcohol wipes, burn ointment, antiseptic wipes, bandages, antacid tablets, ibuprofen tablets and acetaminophen tablets)